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MC Ocean have a variety range of Ener series natural food supplement like Ener Al-Kurma, Ener 369, Ener Fiber, Enertri, Enerxel, Ener ABC and Enertime. We use only natural plants and fruits ingredient to produced all the products. All are vegan friendly, preservatives free, artificial colorings free and halal. It is suitable for adults, senior citizen and children.

Ener Al-Kurma made from the imported Arabian Kurma Ajwa that is the highest nutritional values of all dates. It is dates concentrated juices that only contain all natural raw materials, which is preservatives free and artificial coloring free as well. Ener Al-Kurma is made from natural flavor with no added sugar in it. It is highly recommended for students and office workers as their breakfast drink or snack to maintain their required nutrients and physical endurance.

Ener 369 traditionally used for health and strengthening the body. It is vegan friendly because it is from mangosteen fruits extracts and rice bran oil. A good combination of antioxidant like Mangosteen Xanthones, Gamma Oryzanol and Vitamin E contain in Ener 369. One of the reason we choose rice bran oil as one of the active ingredient is because it is one of the healthiest edible oil in the world, it is known as the heart-friendly oil.

Ener ABC produced from natural, safe and palatable formula that promotes weight management. It provides essential nutrients and enhances cardiovascular wellness. It contains soy, barley, long and short grain rice, fragrant rice and natural vanilla flavor. The main ingredient in weight loss meal replacement drink contain the best quality barley that up to 25% of Beta-Glucan imported from Canada, is one of the soluble dietary fiber that is strongly link to improve cholesterol level and boosting heart health.

Enertime by MC Ocean is the best dessert for our users. There are 2 drinks that is coffee and milk tea, together with cookies. It is perfect teatime refreshment for people who are on diet and focus on healthy lifestyle, making your afternoon break healthy, taste and nutritious.  All of the products are suitable for vegetarian.

Ener Fiber is produced from natural vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals, unique formulation with Spirulina and Chlorophyll added in it. Effective for weight loss, increase feeling of satisfied and make you feel full. It can also help you to control your food and energy intake in order to control your body weight.

Enertri is a new natural crossbred variety grains from Thai Hom Nin rice (black rice) and Thai Khao Dawk rice (jasmine rice). Both types of rice is enriched with high nutritional values, it is good for health and beauty promoting properties. Both types of grains have been graded as low glycemic index and high antioxidant grain.

Enerxel that MC Ocean produced is heavenly formulated by plant and fruits stem cell. It contains high quality and excellent ingredients. Stem cells offer great prospects to repair cellular damage that is the cause of many human life threatening disease like heart attacks, strokes, damage nerve cells and more.

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