Vegan Omega 3 6 9 Supplements

Vegan Omega 369 – Ener 369 traditionally used for health and strengthening the body. It is vegan friendly because it is from mangosteen fruits extracts and rice bran oil. One bottle of Vegan Omega 369 contain 60 soft gels type of capsule in it. Each soft gel contain 50mg of Mangosteen Fruits Extract Powder and 425mg of Oryza Sativa Bran Oil Extract in it. Vegan Omega 369 is preservative free, artificial additives free, chemical free and no artificial coloring in it. Vegan Omega 369 is special multivitamins supplements food for health that recognized by KKM and JAKIM.

A good combination of antioxidant like Mangosteen Xanthones, Gamma Oryzanol and Vitamin E contain in Vegan Omega 369. One of the reason we choose rice bran oil as one of the active ingredient is because it is one of the healthiest edible oil in the world, it is known as the heart-friendly oil. Vegan Omega 369 use the natural organically grown rice bran oil extracted by modern mechanization technology, which is very fine and easy absorb by human body. Rice bran oil can helps people who are on diet as well.

Rice bran oil contains high amount of Gamma Oryzanol that exhibit antioxidant properties, it also contain components of vitamin E that benefit to our health. From a research show that rice bran oil is useful for cholesterol control, it could also alter your metabolism and reduce inflammation. Vegan Omega 369 contain unsaturated fatty acid Omega 369, deficiency of unsaturated fatty acid can result in the abnormal growth of infants or children and reduce immune system. So the balance intake of Omega 369 are very important for maintaining our physical health.

Another active ingredient that contain in Vegan Omega 369 is Mangosteen Fruits Extract, which is very rich in Xanthone. It is a group of naturally produced chemical compound that can be found in some plants, they also considered as some of the most “biologically active” plant derived compound and reputed to have all manner of effect when we consumed it. Xanthone consist potential antioxidant to helps neutralize free radical in human body and prevent any unwanted attacks or metabolic breakdowns. Some cell in human body under attack from the free radical leaving them damage and unheal. Xanthones can helps to strengthen cell wall, fight against loose radical and prevent infection from taking place.

Xanthone are known to possess a wide spectrum of pharmacologic properties including anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and more. It may help to relieve illness, support body defenses system and slow down cell aging process. Xanthones also found in some scientific studies to prevent the development of cancer cells in human body. We recommend intake 1 soft gel daily before meal prefer in the morning time according to the suggested dosage on the bottle label.

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