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Enerxel stem cell products that MC Ocean produced is heavenly formulated by plant and fruits stem cell. It contains natural ingredients and variety of stem cell like argan stem cell, apple stem cell, grape stem cell, amino acid peptide (carrot peptide), glucose, pomegranate juice powder and fruto-oligosaccharides. It contains high quality and excellent ingredients. Enerxel stem cells offer great prospects to repair cellular damage that is the cause of many human life threatening disease like heart attacks, strokes, damage nerve cells and more.

Morocco argan tree plant stem cells are very rare and resistant, it able to resist intense droughts and extremely high temperature. Studies have shown they have the ability to self renew, continue grow and avoid ageing process under such harsh environment. Morocco argan tree is one of the oldest species of trees. It is the first active ingredient that able to protect and revitalize human skin stem cells.  It is the only proven stem cells with the ability to penetrate into skin dermis, it also fights against skin aging and achieve a radiance appearance. Plant stem cells are highly potent and contains up to thousand times higher amount of antioxidant compare to other botanical extracts.

Rare species of Swiss apple fruit stem cells is designed to protect human skin stem cells. It provides dramatic results in decreasing wrinkles, lines and skin damage that cause by environment. Swiss apple stem cells help to create new skin cells when they are repairing the damaged cells. It aid in reversing the formation of the wrinkles and fine lines by creating more collagen. This will help to enhance skin growth and help to tighten the skin. Swiss apple stem cells are natural, there are no harsh chemicals added and it gives your skin a healthy glow.

Another fruit stem cells we used in our stem cells product is French grape stem cells. It is high in powerful antioxidant and has free radical scavenging capabilities. French grape stem cells contain special epigenetic factors and metabolites that are able to protect human stem cells from harmful effects of UV and delay aging. In testing results, French grape stem cells were shown to improve skin cell regeneration efficiency. Besides that, micro-collagen from superb amino acid peptide of special species carrot also provides significant result in anti-aging.

Enerxel stem cells products in powder formulation enable fast absorption by tongue without having digestion process. It comes in delicate package design, the individual sachet is easy to carry for immediate consumption at anywhere and anytime. Each sachet is packed for health and beauty essence. Recommended to take 1 daily before breakfast, for adult 1 to 2 sachets each time and children only half sachet each time. Pour it directly into the mouth, hold and swallow with or without water. Start preserves your youth Enerxel. Enerxel stem cell products are the natural and all encompassing beautifier.

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