Al Kurma Ajwa

Ener Al Kurma Ajwa made from the imported Arabian Kurma Ajwa that is the highest nutritional values of all dates. The best natural gifted food supplement drink. Ener Al-Kurma is packed in 6 bottles per box, 120ml per bottle for easy bring and drink while travel. It is dates concentrated juices that only contain all natural raw materials, which is preservatives free and artificial coloring free as well. Ener Al-Kurma is made from natural flavor with no added sugar in it, so it is suitable for vegan, lactose, dairy and gluten free users to consume it. It certified Halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Ener Al-Kurma is highly recommended for students and office workers as their breakfast drink or snack to maintain their required nutrients and physical endurance. Imported Arabian Kurma Ajwa is the highest nutritional values, which is a great energy boosting food for human body. As the Al Kurma Ajwa is contains natural sugar, it provide quick energy readily just like what glucose and fructose does to human body. Al Kurma Ajwa dates concentrated juices is great source of dietary fiber and protein, it is best to consume for people who are on diet or fasting. It is a good appertizer and easy to digest, low in calories, free of cholestrol and trans-fat.

Al Kurma Ajwa dates concentrated juices contains a variety of vitamins like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and more. Using fermentation process and high tech ionization to retain the nutrition value and small molecules of the juice. Vitamin B complex is composed of eight B vitamins, it provides a variety of functions that boost body metabolism, carbohydrates, protein and fats. Vitamin B play a vital role as the building blocks of a healthy body, it have an strong impact on human energy, cell metabolism and brain function. Al Kurma Ajwa is safe to consume by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, Vitamin B aid in fetal brain development as well as reduce the risk of having birth defects.

Vitamin A in Ener Al-Kurma is an essential nutrient for protecting human eyes, vision, immune system and reproduction. It is a powerful antioxidant and acts as a hormone in the body. Vitamin A also helps the heart, kidney, lungs and other organ in human body to function correctly. Besides that, Al Kurma Ajwa also contain Vitamin K. It is important vitamin for helping the blood clot, preventing excessive bleeding and also bone metabolism.

Al Kurma Ajwa contains best natural sources of potassium, which is an essential mineral for human body to maintain heart muscle contractions and blood pressure. Other than that, it also high in iron content to helps red blood cell production. Overall, Al Kurma Ajwa concentrated juices are rich in valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and more. Each mineral perform many different function but essential for body to maintain its overall health. Recommendation intake for adult is 1 to 2 bottles daily and half bottle for children, diabetes patient is half bottle daily but separate into 2 portions by 1 hour in between for consumption.

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