Riceberry Beverage

Enertri riceberry beverage is a new natural crossbred variety grains from Thai Hom Nin rice (black rice) and Thai Khao Dawk rice (jasmine rice). Both types of rice is enriched with high nutritional values, it is good for health and beauty promoting properties. Both types of grains have been graded as low glycemic index and high antioxidant grain. The study showed that all nutrients of riceberry result in better effects on glycemic control and lipid profile (Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride). It helps to protect liver, reduce the risks of diabetes and coronary heart disease. (Source – Rice Science Center and Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Thailand)

Enertri riceberry beverage can helps to activate the body cells to repair, regenerate and self-healing. Improve blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level. Our riceberry beverage is produced from new variety of organic rice, planted in a zero-pollutant environment, soil and water free from chemical fertilizers. Process through a mechanical-hydrolysis technique to form small molecule that can be absorbed directly by cells. It can enhance body metabolism and homeostasis. Building a good physical body to inhibit inflammation, at the same time strengthen brain and nerves functions.

Rice is an essential food that widely consume by Asian. Black rice is also ”forbidden rice” back to the Ancient China. After consumed by a host of Chinese kinsmen for betterment of stomach, liver and kidney, black rice then become the property for the royalty and the wealthy only. It continued to be cultivated but only in limited quantities and under strict surveillance. The common folks are prohibited from growing or consuming it. Of course the black rice is no longer forbidden now, but it only cultivated in relatively small amount compare to other type of rice.

The deep black or purple hue of the black rice is a trademark of its high antioxidant properties, especially anthocyanin that is great to consume by diabetics or heart patients. Its vitamin E is great for skin and hair, and it also loaded with high fiber so it does not spike blood sugar level. Black rice is also rich in iron, which is a good source for vegetarians. White rice and other refined grains are stripped off their high nutrient content and beneficial during the milling process. Majority of the nutrients of rice are in the outer layer, since black rice does not undergo any refining process so it is able to retain its nutrients.

Jasmine rice is the most popular rice that widely used among the restaurant and family especially in Southeast Asia, because it contain a floral taste that is perfect pairing for many dishes. It is a long grain with a fragrant and floral aroma taste. Jasmine rice provides enough of vitamin B that is essential for the human body. Vitamins do not provide energy to our body but they are important for the body cell production and several other vital processes. Jasmine rice contains a plenty of important minerals, it helps forming our body structure and also proper functioning of the body system. 

Enertri provides essential needs for modern people, containing health and beauty benefits. Decelerate premature aging, maintaining youthfulness and enhance body immune system. It does not contain artificial colorings, no additives and no artificial preservatives as well. So it is suitable for adult, senior citizen, vegetarians and even children are safe to consume it. Enertri comes in 30 sachets per box, 10g for each sachet. Mixed 1 sachet of it and pour in 150ml of warm water in a shaker, shake well before drink. Or you may add riceberry beverage into coffee, tea or other beverages or food that suit your preferences. Recommendation for adult to take twice daily before breakfast and bedtime or 3 times daily before meal.

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