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Eionizer is MC Ocean water filters, it is alkaline water ionizer with US and Japan technology. A concept originated from the mysterious deep ocean, produced by revolutionary water ionization technology. By using ORP system and ION technology, it measures the cleanliness of the water, promotes antioxidant properties and purifies the water. The abundance of negatively charged hydroxyl ions in ionized alkaline water able to neutralize free radicals in human body, effectively prevents cellular oxidation and repairs cell. Moreover, improve body health condition and retards the aging process.

MC Ocean water filters let you set your water PH, you can have alkaline water, filtered water and acidic water. At MC Ocean, we provide your family the purest and safest form of water. Ionization takes place while the filtered tap water running through the positive and negative electrode in the chamber. You will get the drinkable ionized alkaline water with trace minerals from the top of machine and other waste acidic water at the bottom of machine that can only be used for household cleaning.

MC Ocean water filters removes or even dissolved impurities and retains essential minerals in water. It is water filter that is ideal for both office and home as we provide 100% protection against water borne diseases. You can easily pre-set auto cleaning for your MC Ocean water filters. With 360-degree rotating angle of water output pipe, unrestricted space with water filling. Contain LCD screen to show condition of the water machine, it is safe and stable. Multi layer filtration removes microorganisms, sands, rust, sediment and other debris in the water and protects the health of your family.

What make alkaline water so special compare to normal drinking water? Alkaline water has higher PH level than the normal drinking water. It helps to neutralize the acid in human body. Alkaline water has up to 20% more oxygen than normal drinking water. Eionizer ionized alkaline water with minerals is the best daily drinking water you need, because it is easier to absorb by our body due to its small water molecule cluster and minerals. It can also use to wash vegetables or fruits, cooking or prepare any tea or coffee.

Eionizer filtered water can be use for taking medicines and preparing infants milk. MC Ocean water filters extremely effective in keeping your drinking water safe and healthy. It can remove contaminants such as heavy metals, mercury, arsenic and other impurities. Greatly reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals. Filtered water can lead to a greater health by protecting your body from disease.

Eionizer acidic water can only be use to sanitizing and deodorizing or bathing and skin care. Using acidic water for skin can improve the complexion as it works as a natural astringent to help relieve dry and itchy skin, remove dirt and oil without using any chemicals. Acidic water can be use for antiseptic for cuts, abrasions or mouthwash to remove plaque from teeth. Eionizer ionized alkaline water, energy in a glass and the fountain of youth! Eionizer MC Ocean water filters are the complete solution for your drinking water needs.

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