Fabirc Antibac Deodorizer

Fabirc Antibac Deodorizer

EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is one of our home care products. It is a deodorizer that derived from natural plants base. It is use for remove and eliminates the bad odor from fabric. EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is gentle on delicate fabrics. It is a specially formulated Antibacterial to keep fabric hygienic and sanitized well. EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is a household product with environmental friendly, it contain biodegradable ingredients in it. It is safe and non-toxic with affordable price.

EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer contains antibacterial agent that inhibits the bacterial growth for long lasting effectiveness. Antibacterial formula with tea tree oil is highly effective on killing germs and microbes, and keeps fabric sanitized for everyday use. EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer effortlessly eliminates the stubborn and bad odor from fabric without scrubbing, rubbing or soaking process. It helps to masking the unpleasant and aging odor.

Bringing your upholstery back to its original pride, our EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer home care products has a powerful formulation that make it ideal use for busy environment. The spray mixture helps neutralizes unpleasant odors including tobacco, pets or cooking scents. It is suitable foe most of the fabric types, and it can also be repeated use. Forget about the usual deodorizers that only cover the smells and do nothing to eliminate the germs. Our EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is made with the best quality ingredients and with anti bacteria so you can have a disinfectant that will give you maximum performance and results.

One of the main benefits of concentrated products is their lightened impact on the environment. All Everyhome products are environmental friendly, which is made of plant and mineral based. Unlike the most room or fabric deodorizers that are loaded with dangerous chemicals, EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is free from toxic ingredients. Some ingredients in deodorizer can irritate skin, but plant-based enzymes are safer. We provide the best ecological products to protect your health by minimizing human’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

High standards of sustainability are the most importance to the Everyhome brand, particularly in relation to our product formulations. Our guiding principle is that the end product must not only be better for the planet, but also better for the health of the consumers. At the same time, we strive to ensure our products perform as good as the leading national brand.

EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is also a home care product that leaves your fabric clean with natural lavender fragrance. Everyhome Household series definitely is a good choice for home care products, it is environmental friendly, and most importantly the product price is economic. It is suitable for everyday household cleaning use.

EveryHome Fabric Antibac Deodorizer is simple to use, simple spray onto your desired fabric surface approximately 10 inches away and enjoy the freshly laundered lavender scents. It comes in 500 ml trigger spray bottle packaging. Home is the place of love and refuge. Love your family and yourself. Everyhome begins in every home for your protection.

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