Delicate Wash

EveryHome Delicate Wash is one of our home care products . It is a mild detergent that derived from natural plants base. It is gentle on delicate fabrics, leave clothes look vibrantly, comfortable soft and static free. It is a specially formulated Antibacterial detergent to keep clothes hygienic and sanitized well. Every Home Delicate Wash is a household product with environmental friendly, it contain biodegradable ingredients in it. It is safe and non-toxic with affordable price.

Antibacterial formula with tea tree oil is highly effective on removing germs and microbes, and keeps your clothes sanitized for everyday use. Some consumers are not even aware that they have a rash or stuffed-up nose because of their laundry detergent. Although their clean clothes smell great, it might be the artificial fragrance that is causing the problem.

Supermarket store shelves are packed with dozens laundry detergent brand in liquid or powder type form. Are you hesitating which one you should go for? Every Home Delicate Wash home care products definitely does not disappoint you and your family. Water alone could not clean clothes because it does not attach to the molecules of grease and dirt. Detergents are made of molecules that have two different ends. One end is strongly attracted to water and the other is attracted to oily substances.

Every Home Delicate Wash works effectively to remove stains without shrinking, stretching or fading on delicate fabrics. It is ideal detergent for washing innerwear, undergarments and even baby clothes. Rinse off easily and leave no residue. Everyhome Delicate Wash is also a Home Care Product that leaves your clothes clean with natural lavender fragrance. Everyhome Household series definitely is a good choice for home care products, it is environmental friendly, and most importantly the product price is economic. It is suitable for everyday household cleaning use.

One of the main benefits of concentrated products is their lightened impact on the environment. All Everyhome products are environmental friendly, which is made of plant and mineral based. It is free from toxic ingredients. Some ingredients in detergent can irritate skin, but plant-based enzymes are safer. We provide the best ecological products to protect your health by minimizing human’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

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