Biodegradable And Compostable

Five years ago, MC Ocean invested in “Biodegradable and Compostable” for environmental protection and development of green energy. Environmental problems are getting worst by the progress of civilization in recent years. Air and river pollution, ozone layer holes and excess garbage are causing global warming. All these also cause polar bears being homeless, hail in the desert, wetlands and droughts climate change. As an ethnical company, MC Ocean hopes to contribute to the protection of the earth.  

Scientists have warned that the life of the earth is counting down! According to the data, the amount of garbage produced in the world is millions of tons per year. The world only recycles 14% of the plastic that they use. 8 millions tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year, where the sea life and bird die from eating or get entangled by it. The World Green Organization estimates that after 2050, the plastic waste in the ocean may be more than fish! A major disaster may come at any time if such a severe problem not resolve.

The problem of rubbish in Malaysia is also severe. Malaysian consumers throw away 2 billions of Styrofoam lunch boxes in a year, which is equivalent to 5 millions lost in a day. According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, the accumulation of water and mosquitoes in the Styrofoam causes the spread of bone pain and heat. And it often blocks the source of the gully and the river causing flooding problems, but most people turn a blind eye and who will save it. Take care for the environment is everyone responsibility.

This is why MC Ocean voyages into the field of environmental protection technology. They stepped into the “biodegradable push fertilizer” production line in order to reduce the earth pollution. Ener Worldwide, a subsidiary of MC Ocean Group invested more than RM20 million in a factory at Penang. Using a large amount of bagasse and enzymes discarded daily by the Thai sugar factory to make it decomposable. Moreover, organic tableware, such as lunch boxes, paper cups, and hamburger boxes, and so on, replace the detachable Styrofoam products.

At present, it can produce more than 4 million pieces of tableware every month, and it is the only manufacturer in Malaysia that has obtained international BPI certification. In the long run of human health and global environmental protection, this product is a far cry from the environmentally friendly Styrofoam! It is 100% natural made from natural fiber and non-toxic, harmless when consumed by animals.

Once the product exposed to moisture, the soil and sunlight will naturally decompose to about 90% after 25 days. After that, it will be turned into composted soil to help the plant grow. It is oil-proof, water-resistant and heat-resistant, can be placed in a microwave oven and suitable for any food use. In addition to tableware, other daily necessities such as medical appliances are also an extension of the product. Ener Worldwide is a company with environmental responsibility. It needs more environmentally conscious distributors to participate in the event and contribute to the mother of the earth.

Our related MC OCEAN biodegradable and compostable product

For the past few years, as MC-Ocean has expanded globally, with the well-planned strategy and coaching system, it has successfully developed many business partners to achieve their dreams. Success can be attained within a short period of time if we make a right choice and work on it systemically.

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